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Siciliana Fish - Sale of Red King prawn from Mazara and Seafood Products
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Siciliana Fish sign, wholesale sale of seafood products Mazara del Vallo

Welcome to Siciliana Fish

Our Seafood Company, Siciliana Fish was founded in 1999, specialized in wholesale and retail trade of seafood products, particularly the sale of Red King Prawn from Mazara and fresh, processed, and frozen fish on board. With its legal and operational headquarters in Mazara del Vallo (TP), a city renowned for its high-quality fish.

The goods are distributed nationally and internationally, including through our own means (equipped with the necessary health authorization for the transportation of fresh or frozen seafood products). The company's mission is to offer customers high-quality seafood products in terms of raw materials, processing, appearance, and taste.

Siciliana Fish, Red King Prawn of Mazara del Vallo Siciliana Fish, Scampi Siciliana Fish, American Lobster Siciliana Fish, Octopus

What do we do

Siciliana Fish, Sale of seafood products Mazara del Vallo

Our Productions

We sell seafood products wholesale and retail

The company operates in the field of:

  • - Fresh local Sicilian fish,, later processed and packaged;
  • - Seafood products imported from European Union countries or African countries;
  • - Frozen fish, The frozen fish products on board fishing vessels can be processed and packaged to facilitate proper transport either within Italy or abroad.

Our story

"Siciliana Fish di Boccellato Nicola" founded by Boccellato Nicola in 1999 in the vibrant heart of Mazara del Vallo. Embodies entrepreneurial spirit, with the support of loved ones,he established a company firmly positioned in the seafood market, providing employment for over 30 families.

The company's operational headquarters employs state-of-the-art technology in both production and packaging, adhering to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. It proudly holds the IFS certification, all while preserving the rich Sicilian tradition.

Our Mission

"Siciliana Fish di Boccellato Nicola" with pride deeply rooted in the seafaring tradition of Mazara del Vallo in beautiful Sicily, we are committed to offering excellence and freshness in the seafood we provide to our customers. Our mission is to share with the world the unique delights of the Mediterranean through our seafood products high-quality.

Our commitment extends throughout the entire production chain, from fishing to delivery, to ensure that our customers receive fresh and delicious products.

Our Vision

We look to the future with the vision of becoming the benchmark for authenticity and quality in the seafood industry.. Our vision is to create a direct link between the heart of the Mediterranean and tables worldwide, offering premium Sicilian seafood products synonymous with freshness, sustainability, and tradition.

Our goal is to transform every purchase into a sensory journey, where the freshness and quality of our products transport the customer directly to the Sicilian coast.

Certificate IFS

Unified control system for quality and safety systems

International Food Standard

All products processed and marketed by Siciliana Fish are IFS certified. The IFS certification (International Food Standard) is an international standard for food safety and quality. It is a supplier evaluation system that establishes stringent criteria for the production, processing, and distribution of food.

The IFS certification is based on adetailed analysis of production processes and business management practices, aiming to ensure food safety and compliance with hygiene standards.

This standard is widely recognized in the food industry and is used by companies to demonstrate compliance with customer requirements and to access international markets.

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